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Signe Lund Jensen on feelings and ideas like sorrow, death, lockdown, research and reading

Tell us a bit about your creative work and the origin of your project 'Materializing Mourning'. Whats the context or idea behind it?

I am currently studying fashion design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Materializing mourning started out as a study of the Victorian mourning dress and how I could conceptualize complex feelings and ideas like sorrow and death and turn them into matter. It was an exploration of my own relationship with mourning through my work as a church singer singing at funerals as well as my own personal experience with it. The video explores this ghostly garment in different settings and what the body leaves behind.

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How would you describe your creative process, do you have any particular method that you find relevant?

My creative process has always been kind of intuitive and all over the place but I definitely like to do a lot of research and reading. Usually my ideas spring from something I stumble upon - could be an odd word or concept or something I once saw somewhere many years ago. Starting fashion school last year has forced me to be more systematic and diligent in my process as to not get lost within it. It’s challenging but I can see myself improving this way.

Has the work 'Materializing Mourning' given you any new learnings or understandings?

Making Materializing Mourning, the first exam project, in lockdown was certainly challenging and eyeopening in a number of ways. Being confined within my small apartment and with limited resources forced me to sometimes compromise with my expectations but also find new and maybe more exciting solutions. Working so much away from campus I have had to refine my digital work as well as my visual language and really hone in on my visual identity. I think Materializing Mourning helped me do that.

Mort Garson

You also compose and produce sounds, any recent artist, records or sounds that you want to recommend?

Currently I’m listening to a lot of Mort Garson and Mamman Sani who are both pioneers (in my book) of synth music. I have always been a huge fan of electronic and synth so when making the music for Materializing Mourning it came natural for it to only consist of synths with a simple baseline. I can also recommend Cybe, Ingus Baušķenieks, Holger Czukay and naran ratan (not all synth tho).

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