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Interview with Nicholas Law
Substance, album artwork by Nicholas Law
Possible Motive has always been about releasing material thats not necessarily in vogue with what is currently the cool, but more about sounds that are sustainable, timeless in its own sense. Regardless of where it's from. Borderless. Embracing the opportunities of globalization (the internet) we've been fortunate to be able to work with creative people from all over our globe.
      Nicholas Law is a very talented artist from Houston Texas whos work we found to be very appropriate to visually express the hot new release Substance from Malmö based concepual artist and producer Moisture.
      Below you'll find a short interview with Nicholas. We asked him about his way of working, his inspiration and his thoughts on the current state of the world.
Please introduce yourself!
Hi! I'm a graphic artist from Buffalo, New York who currently lives in Houston, Texas. Prior to Houston, I've also worked out of Brooklyn and Berkeley for 7 years.
Do you listen to the music when you are designing album covers?
Absolutely. Often times there are discussions which take place about what the final work should be in the end, but it's the music alone which helps you understand how something should look and feel in the end. The work itself (in music or visual art of all types) is always the best communicator of these feelings which can be very difficult to put into words in a brief.
What things inspire you; or what things do you look at to find inspiration? That are not necessarily art or design related.
I wish I had more of an original answer, but music, photography, architecture, books, video games... All things which are related to the arts in one way or another. What I will say though: the things outside of typical graphic arts projects end up almost always being the most useful pieces of inspiration. Oh, and go for lots of walks and ride your bike! Go outside and get away from your desk.
Which other artists do you admire?
Koichi Sato, Kazumasa Nagai, Rinko Kawauchi, Roger Willems, Karel Martens, anything released by RVNG, Will Work for Good, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, Liz Harris, Arthur Russel, Cocteau Twins, the Criterion Collection, Dick Bruna, Geoff McFetridge.
What's your thoughts on the current state of the world?
It's honestly a mixture of frustration, fear, and anxiety, but one of hope and feeling grateful. There is a pandemic affecting the entire world and Donald Trump is my president, whose actions are more irresponsible, selfish, and delusional than I can put into words. It's a difficult time certainly, but I also do my best to try think of the people who have helped me in difficult times, helping me cope with the world on an emotional level.
What's up next and what are you doing right now?
Right now I'm working on several freelance projects ranging from book illustrations, custom typography for other musicians and friends, plus some snowboard and skateboard graphics actually! I'm also very excited for the new Animal Crossing game to come out later this month!
Nicholas portfolio can be found here.
You can follow his creative endeavours here.
Possible Motive + Retreat Radio
Substance is out there. Last night's show on Retreat Radio was guest-hosted by us and offered a moodboard megamix of sorts. Listen here.
Substance out today!
Substance is officially out today and available world wide physically and digitally thru Bandcamp. Recorded and Produced By Moisture. Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw. Artwork by Nicolas Law. Typography by Henrik Stelzer. Ask your local dealer to source you a copy or grab one from us.
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'Substance' Out Friday March 13 On Vinyl And Digital

Very excited to announce Malmö based producer MOISTURE and the album SUBSTANCE. Out Friday March 13 on vinyl and digital. Pre-order available from Bandcamp. First single Dozo Mood is streaming now.

The word “dozo” in Japanese is a phrase of generosity, meaning go ahead, help yourself, indulge. Coincidentally, it is also a derogatory term in Aussie and New Zeelander slang for an idiot or an act of stupidity. On the third track from the album Substance; “Dozo Mood” offers a linguistic meltdown of these two definitions in the hands of artist Moisture. The loose percussive drive ricochets into cascades of echo pierced by cartoonish flashes of farmyard fun in a drunken ode to hedonism.

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