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'Substance' Out Friday March 13 On Vinyl And Digital

Very excited to announce Malmö based producer MOISTURE and the album SUBSTANCE. Out Friday March 13 on vinyl and digital. Pre-order available from bandcamp. First single Dozo Mood is streaming now.

The word “dozo” in Japanese is a phrase of generosity, meaning go ahead, help yourself, indulge. Coincidentally, it is also a derogatory term in Aussie and New Zeelander slang for an idiot or an act of stupidity. On the third track from the album Substance; “Dozo Mood” offers a linguistic meltdown of these two definitions in the hands of artist Moisture. The loose percussive drive ricochets into cascades of echo pierced by cartoonish flashes of farmyard fun in a drunken ode to hedonism.

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Il Cartaio
Dario Argento, 2004