Experimental Records And Ephemera
This is a music of restlessness and reverie, of motion masquerading as meaning, lost in the lonely infinities of life before dawn.

Global label with base in Stockholm. Releasing records within the ambient and experimental genre.

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33/45 (NL)
Anost (DE)
An Ideal For A Living (SE)
Aguirre Records (BE)
Aufabwegen (DE)
Bengans (SE)
Bleep (UK/World)
Boomkat (UK/World)
Chez Emile (FR)
Clone (NL)
Deep (HU)
Devoli (DE)
Drella (SE)
Innerdisc (FR)
Insula/Jokkmokk (DK)
Juno (UK)
Music Kitchen (GR)
Norman Records (UK)
Not Not Fun (US)
Pet Sounds (SE)
Rotibabi (NL)
Rundgang (SE)
Snickars Records (SE)
Southbound Rec (NZ)
Syncrophone (FR)
Trenta3Giri (IT)
Wildlife (RIP!)


Digital thoughts, uploads, recordings or visions: info@possiblemotive.com

Physical goods, printed collateral, poems or acryllics, not accepted at the moment.

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