Possible Motive
Ekin Fil


● Format Black Marbled Vinyl LP and Digital
● Audio Bandcamp
● Features Bant Mag Beach Sloth Hymn (Interview) In The Void


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Istanbul based Ekin Fil (real name Ekin Uzeltuzenci) has been making her unique style of haunting drone-pop since 2007 and "KOMA" is her first release on Stockholm based imprint Possible Motive. "KOMA" and its 8 tracks slowly drifts through nocturnal scenery and tape saturated shadowy vocals. Sounds of dark, eerie soundscapes. A production that seems to exist somewhere in a twilight zone.

"KOMA is an album which is based on the combination of separate songs made in various times in the last two years. Songs that sometimes include unwanted noises caused by my broken sound card, songs that I left unfinished with the intention of finishing later. The sleepy and still mood that's all over the 8 tracks may be the response to the hard times that I was not able to react sober to until recently."

Ekin and her sounds was awarded Best Original Film Music for her first Soundtrack 'Kaygi' at SIYAD, 2017 and Best Film Music for the Soundtrack of 'Korfez - The Gulf' at Turkisches Film Festival in Frankfurt, 2018.

1. To Rot (03:40)
2. Dogs (03:40)
3. Speak In (03:52)
4. Koma (04:48)
5. Dead End (01:30)
6. Patterns Visitors (04:16)
7. Stay Severed (04:41)
8. Point Blank (04:53)

Recorded and produced by Ekin Fil. Mastered by Antony Ryan. Artwork and typography by Henrik Stelzer.

Koma released 3 May 2019 on Black/White Marbled Vinyl and Digital.
7" lathe cut and Digital

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● Format 7" Lathe Cut
● Distro Aguirre Records
● Features Drifting, Almost Falling Hymn


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Xiphos marks the latest effort of Los Angeles occult aesthetes C C C V L T S S S and the latest hypnosis on Swedish imprint Possible Motive. Mantric piano ambience and magic realms recalls deserted landscapes and lost paths drifting into oblivion, a haunted elegy recorded in the ominous landscapes outside South Pasadena. Xiphos misty melody assures to put you into a hypnotic and insensible condition immediately.

Xiphos is out april 27 on digital format in selected outlets and on a limited lathe cut 7".

1. Xiphos (9.27)

Recorded in South Pasadena, CA. Artwork and typography by Henrik Stelzer.
Metro Riders



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Europe By Night. It's 4 AM in the city. 2017. Or is it 1987? It's 2024. Who really knows these days? Ski masked graffiti writers calmly throw their tags up in the streets, railcars and train station platforms of Europe's capital cities. Berlin. Paris. Rome. Stockholm. Trouble lurks around every corner and dark clouds follow you overhead. The ominous sensations are impossible to shake.

People silhouetted by the shade of the night wander the streets. Some are in love, holding hands. Others, hopelessly lost in the sea of reality (which frequency is it, anyhow?) in search of something or someone. Most are consumed by their own thoughts, trapped in their headphone world, blocking out all external sound stimuli, enraptured by frequently un-pocketed, brightly lit, ever lengthening smart-phones and phablets.

Nobody makes eye contact, especially at this hour. A foreboding unknown threat is palpable, and everyone is on edge. You should really get back home soon. It's too late to be out all alone. Across Europe, refugees shuttle themselves across borders, in attempt to secure peace and safety from their previous nightmare realities. In these grim times, hope is the only way out. Through this all, Metro Riders shines a light in the dark of night, guiding the way.

Europe By Night is the gripping and intoxicating debut album by Stockholm, Sweden based Metro Riders (real name Henrik Stelzer) and the first release on newly minted contemporary global imprint Possible Motive. Employing outdated software and now obsolete analogue recording equipment, Metro Riders conjures a suspenseful and gloomy, true to the era re-imagining of lost sounds. A real labor of love, Europe By Night encompasses a very niche palette, everything from the prophetic visions of John Carpenter, to the warbled world of Troma films, to Italian horror flicks, euro-crime and the cybernetic sewers of The Skaters.

1. Stockholm 2024 (8.18)
2. Tension On The Train (6.17)
3. Rats (4.24)
4. Trauma (5.08)
5. A New Dawn (5.31)
6. Bruno Mattei (4.13)
7. Suburban Youth (3.53)
8. Endgame (5.10)

Recorded and produced by Metro Riders/Henrik Stelzer. Mastered by Antony Ryan. Artwork and typography by Henrik Stelzer.

Europe By Night released 19 may 2017 on 180 gram 12" vinyl LP and Digital. Distributed by Kudos.
(C) 2019